It Starts With Us!

We are proud of ALL of our students from pre-K to high school. In this competitive world, they deserve great schools to learn and build a foundation for their future.

Five of our six schools were built in the 50s, 60s and 70s and they show their age. So do our buses. Since our last school levy passed in 2006, we’ve done our best to keep everything functioning. Now we need your help to establish a new standard of quality our students and community deserve.

Make it happen for our kids. Make our community proud.

On May 2, 2017 the Ravenna School District will ask voters to approve a 5-year, renewable 2.9 mil levy to be used ONLY for building improvements and construction, deferred maintenance, technology and curriculum.

Here are some smart questions and helpful answers about this levy:

Why is this levy necessary? (Isn’t the state required to pay for basic education?)

Levies bridge the gap between what the state pays and the actual costs of operating our schools. Permanent improvement levies like this one help support the building maintenance, transportation (buses), curriculum development and other costs. This is where the money goes.

How much does it cost?

The 2.9 mil levy comes to an average* cost of less than $5 per month per taxpayer.  It is common to see levies requested at a much higher millage, but we are asking only for what’s needed.

*$101.50 per year for home valued at $100K / $152.25 per year for home valued at $150K

What is the money being spent on?

Simply put – books, buildings and buses. This money can ONLY be spent on building improvements and construction, ongoing maintenance, technology (like the computers the state requires for standardized testing), and curriculum development. Not a penny goes to salaries or other operating expenses.

When will the Ravenna School District receive funds? What will the first projects be?

Fund are allocated in 2018. That’s great, because there’s no time to waste – the replacement of our two oldest buses and fixing the leaky roofs on Carlin Elementary and West Park Elementary Schools will begin right away. It’s hard to study surrounded by drips.

How Can I Help?

Vote Yes on Issue 5: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 – MOST IMPORTANT!

    • Bring your friends to vote YES on Issue 5, too.
    • Share this fact sheet, or send everybody to
    • Message us on Facebook to volunteer!

Tell your neighbors how our community needs our help.

  • Drive someone to the polls.
  • Be Raven Proud – go to our website and ask to put a sign in your yard.



What happens when the levy passes?
  • We’ll all be proud – whether we have children in school or not – and the kids will appreciate how our community values their education.
  • Our buildings will be safer, more secure and conducive to learning.
  • More proactive maintenance versus costly, unplanned emergency repairs.
  • Ravenna students get better traction on their future with state-of-the-art curriculum and technology.

Vote YES on Issue 5!

Election day is May 2, 2017. Find your precinct and polling location at or in person at the Portage County Board of Elections, 449 S. Meridian Street, Ravenna, OH 44266.


We will adopt the books and technology that have the most up-to-date information and methods. The newest curriculums – especially in math, social studies and science – to include the latest technology. This helps our students compete!


For the safety and comfort of the students, we need to replace the leaky roofs at Carlin and West Park Elementary schools and to replace pipes, repair boilers and update the security in our other buildings.


Our top concerns for transporting students throughout the township and city is safety and reliability. We will purchase two new school buses, repair the existing fleet, and continue our plan to proactively maintain in good condition our fleet. Safe buses that operate well is our top priority.

We Support Ravenna Schools

Frank Seman: Mayor of Ravenna

Frank Hairston: Director of Marketing, Civil Rights and Customer service for PARTA

Ric Hughes: Teacher & Founder of All City Musical

Rick Coe: He Started Here

Sharon Spencer: Ward 1 Representative

Matt Harper: Ward 3 Representative

Scott Rainone: Ward 4 Representative

Fred Berry: At Large Representative

Amy Michael: At Large Representative

Bruce Ribelin: At Large Representative

Pat Artz: Ravenna Township Trustee

Gail Pittman: Ravenna Township Fiscal Officer

Vince Coia: Ravenna Township Trustee

Hank Gibson: Ravenna Township Trustee

David Dix

Dennis Honkala: Ravenna Schools Superintendent

Chris Retherford: Ravenna Schools Executive Secretary

Ben Ribelin: Ravenna Schools Director of Teaching & Learning K-5

Stephen York: Ravenna Schools Technology Director

Susan Huth: Ravenna Schools Director of Teaching & Learning 6-12

Sharon Leichlitler: Ravenna Schools Executive Secretary

Phillip Butto, IV: Ravenna Schools Treasurer

Jeff Fowler: President Coleman Foundation Board of Trustees

Michael Kulis: Vice President Coleman Foundation Board of Trustees

Nelson Burns: Secretary/Treasurer Coleman Foundation Board of Trustees

Bradford Ehrhart: Portage Development Board President

Diana Fierle: Portage Development Board Economic Development Specialist

Joanne Townend: Neighborhood Development Services Chairperson

William Elder: Neighborhood Development Services Vice Chair

Heidi Kovach: NDS Board of Directors Secretary

Rod Mishler: Neighborhood Development Services Treasurer

Jeff Mills: Neighborhood Development Services Member

Renee Booher: Neighborhood Development Services Member

Richard Miller: DDS Member

Shirley Capparell: Neighborhood Development Services Member

Pamela Nation Calhoun: Neighborhood Development Services Member

Jack Kohl: Jack Kohl Realty

Amy Adams: She Started Here

Kathleen Smith: She Started Here

Neil Mann: He Started Here

Don Nottingham: He Started Here

Dontez James: He Started Here

Ryan Kuchenbecker: Ravenna Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Sabrina Christian-Bennett, Bennett Land Title President

Amy Weidman: Print & Sign Express Vice President

Ramona Wise: Huntington Bank Secretary

Debbie Petrone: Schlabig & Associates Treasurer

Mark Frisone: Family & Community Services Board Member

Mike Stader: Allen Aircraft Products Board Member

Michelle King: Trexler Rubber Co. Board Member

Sandra Ladson: Giant Eagle Board Member

Debbie Mann: Allen Aircraft Board Member

Michael Hinton: Maplewood Career Center Board Member

Erica Sadaj: Neighborhood Developmental Services

Joe Bica: President Ravenna City Council