We Support Ravenna Schools

Frank Seman: Mayor of Ravenna

Frank Hairston: Director of Marketing, Civil Rights and Customer service for PARTA

Ric Hughes: Teacher & Founder of All City Musical

Rick Coe: He Started Here

Sharon Spencer: Ward 1 Representative

Matt Harper: Ward 3 Representative

Scott Rainone: Ward 4 Representative

Fred Berry: At Large Representative

Amy Michael: At Large Representative

Bruce Ribelin: At Large Representative

Pat Artz: Ravenna Township Trustee

Gail Pittman: Ravenna Township Fiscal Officer

Vince Coia: Ravenna Township Trustee

Hank Gibson: Ravenna Township Trustee

David Dix: Record Publishing Company

Dennis Honkala: Ravenna Schools Superintendent

Chris Retherford: Ravenna Schools Executive Secretary

Ben Ribelin: Ravenna Schools Director of Teaching & Learning K-5

Stephen York: Ravenna Schools Technology Director

Susan Huth: Ravenna Schools Director of Teaching & Learning 6-12

Sharon Leichlitler: Ravenna Schools Executive Secretary

Phillip Butto, IV: Ravenna Schools Treasurer

Jeff Fowler: President Coleman Foundation Board of Trustees

Michael Kulis: Vice President Coleman Foundation Board of Trustees

Nelson Burns: Secretary/Treasurer Coleman Foundation Board of Trustees

Bradford Ehrhart: Portage Development Board President

Diana Fierle: Portage Development Board Economic Development Specialist

Joann Townsend: Neighborhood Development Services Chairperson

William Elder: Neighborhood Development Services Vice Chair

Heidi Kovach: Neighborhood Development Services Secretary

Rod Mishler: Neighborhood Development Services Treasurer

Jeff Mills: Neighborhood Development Services Member

Renee Booher: Neighborhood Development Services Member

Richard Miller: DDS Member

Shirley Capparell: Neighborhood Development Services Member

Pamela Nation Calhoun: Neighborhood Development Services Member

Jack Kohl: Jack Kohl Realty

Amy Adams: She Started Here

Kathleen Smith: She Started Here

Neil Mann: He Started Here

Don Nottingham: He Started Here

Dontez James: He Started Here

Ryan Kuchenbecker: Ravenna Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Sabrina Christian-Bennett, Bennett Land Title President

Amy Weidman: Print & Sign Express Vice President

Ramona Wise: Huntington Bank Secretary

Debbie Petrone: Schlabig & Associates Treasurer

Mark Frisone: Family & Community Services Board Member

Mike Stader: Allen Aircraft Products Board Member

Michelle King: Trexler Rubber Co. Board Member

Sandra Ladson: Giant Eagle Board Member

Debbie Mann: Allen Aircraft Board Member

Michael Hinton: Maplewood Career Center Board Member

Erika Sadai: Neighborhood Developmental Services Board Member

Joe Bica: President Ravenna City Council

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