Your vote, their future
About Issue 12 & FAQs

We support the Ravenna School District’s mission to educate each child,
every day, one step at a time.


By retaining teachers and creating classes and programs to help students at every step to graduate ready to excel in the workforce or college, we are asking the community for their support by voting Yes on Issue 12.


Here are some smart questions and helpful answers about this levy:

Why an Operating Levy?

This $6.9 mill Operating Levy would allow us to fund curriculum and programming, retain distinguished educators, improve facilities, and more! The district has already made many cuts. We come to the community for exactly what is needed – and are coming with a plan!

Learn more about our levy funds plans!

How will funds be allocated?

Funds raised will maintain the best of what we offer with a focus on additional programs and services. This list of specific plans will help each student improve their performance and progress towards success.

How is this different from the PI Levy renewal in 2021?

Our 2017 levy and 2021 renewal specifically funded books, buildings, and buses. We promised to only use levy funds for those purposes – and we followed through! Roofs were fixed, pipes replaced, students received Chromebooks, security cameras were installed, and much more.
Now in 2024, an Operating Levy will boost our general funds and be used towards the operating expenses that ensure our students receive the education they deserve – all while sitting in comfortable, non-leaky classrooms… with their Chromebooks!

Why should I vote YES on Issue 12?

Voting YES provides students with the high-caliber classes and educators they need to succeed in school and beyond! After 19 years without asking for more operating funds, it is time to increase our budget to support Ravenna students.

The needs of contemporary public schools are constantly met with competition from other enrollment options and we want our students to do more than just keep up – we want them to thrive!