Plans for Levy Funds

Support Ravenna’s Programs, Performance & Progress

After going 19 years without asking for more operating funds, it is time to increase our budget to support Ravenna students! The needs of contemporary public schools are constantly met with competition from other enrollment options and we want our students to do more than just keep up – we want them to thrive! We will achieve this by making the below changes with community support.

Purchasing a New Math Curriculum for K-8

  • A curriculum includes books and workbooks for students, professional training for teachers, and much more. It is vital that we use updated curriculum when teaching our students – especially in mathematics – so they can move on to each grade with consistent and retained information, ready to learn more.
  • We haven’t purchased a new math curriculum since 2010. It’s time to give our students an updated curriculum to ensure growth at each grade level. This intentional curriculum adoption will equip our students with the skills they need to be successful in high school and upon graduation!
  • Curriculum is expensive – but it’s worth it. A new math curriculum is a big part of the levy funds usage plan. The value of this large financial commitment is supported by the solid content and student growth plan a new curriculum will provide to Ravenna students. We saw notable performance improvement after purchasing a new English curriculum and are confident we will see the same in math!

Improving Electives

  • Create programs in Robotics and Rocketry. Robotics and rocketry are not just the future, they are the present. By familiarizing students with these subjects, they cultivate critical and conceptual thinking skills needed to succeed in both the workforce and everyday life. Innovative Robotics and Rocketry programs retain our best students with career-building opportunities in their home Ravenna School District.
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to receive formalized STEM training. In fields like science, technology, engineering, and math where information and approaches to learning change regularly, it is important for teachers to have access to formal training and relevant resources. Ravenna’s teachers have done an excellent job of independently making strides in their fields, but we want to provide consistent instruction through established training.
  • Improve our Metal and Wood Shops. Students LOVE our metal and wood shop options. But without a new teacher on board, at least 120 interested students won’t have access to these classes. It’s time we update equipment and add another staff member
  • Math Curriculum. It’s time to give our students an updated curriculum so they can make progress at each grade level. Needing a new math curriculum is a major reason for this levy. While we do everything we can to avoid large expenses, we know this will benefit our students.

Creating an Entrepreneurship Pathway

  • Develop an Entrepreneurship Pathway. We intend to create an Entrepreneurship Pathway where Ravenna students enter a structured program that includes all business classes, extra materials and coursework, internships in our community, and more. Participating students will receive valuable, high-quality, hands-on training in the field and will graduate prepared to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.
  • Keep our amazing Business teachers! The market for business teachers is competitive, and Ravenna has some of the best! Levy funds will allow us to retain and continue training educators in this sought-after field.

Retaining Our High-Performing Teachers

The market for teachers is competitive. Levy funds will ensure the retention of high-performing teachers and ideal teacher to student classroom ratios through competitive wages, increased professional development opportunities, and more.

Vote Yes on Issue 12 on March 19, 2024!